Schools Plus exists to help close the education gap caused by disadvantage. We believe all children should have access to a great education regardless of their background. As a registered charity, we work with teachers and schools in disadvantaged areas to empower them with funding, coaching and resources to implement initiatives that will help their students succeed. 


Education improves lives and helps create a thriving society. Children facing disadvantage are, on average, 3 years behind their peers. A quality education should not be dictated by postcode or background. Read more >


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Encouraging family engagement

A supportive family environment is proven to have a positive impact on student learning. To increase its family and community engagement, Granville East Public School replaced written Kindergarten to Year 6 student reports with half-hour, three-way Learning Conversations that involve the student, teacher, family and often interpreters. This program has driven average family attendance per semester to 97%.

Embracing student diversity

Mossman State School wanted to close the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous school attendance. It co-designed a program with Kuku Yalanji Elders to bring the local Aboriginal language, Kuku Yalanji, to the school. The project even created an app to help people learn the language. Enrolments to the school have increased by 17% since the program launched, and NAPLAN data shows that writing is significantly ahead of the average for the region.

Supporting core skills: literacy, numeracy, STEM

Enrolment data showed that more than 90% of students at Clayton View Primary school did not demonstrate age-appropriate oral language skills when they started school. Schools Plus provided funding for Australia’s leading oral language specialists to upskill teachers, giving them the techniques, confidence and knowledge to work in a more targeted fashion to develop students’ speaking abilities. The project also involved parent workshops to develop their oral language interaction at home. The number of children with age appropriate oral language skills in their first year of school improved by 77% points over the year of the program.


Supporting Student Mental Health and Wellbeing

It is estimated that poor mental health accounts for 10% – 25% of the education gap between advantaged and disadvantaged children. After a year like no other, we know students are struggling to maintain good mental health and wellbeing. That’s why, in this period, we’re turning our focus to student mental health and wellbeing. We have developedread more

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Supporting Crisis Affected Schools in 2020

In 2020, schools faced challenges on a scale never seen before. Bushfires, floods, drought and COVID-19 combined to create unprecedented levels of trauma, anxiety and relentless, rapid change for students, teachers, families and school communities. But for many schools this year also saw extraordinary levels of community spirit, dedication and resilience. Schools Plus responded toread more

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Read our latest Impact Report

We are proud to release our 2020 Impact Report, detailing our impact on schools faced with disadvantage since 2015. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, Schools Plus has been able to direct over $17 million to vulnerable children across Australia. Directed $17.8 million To support 758 schools To benefit over 233,000 students

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